Pic of the Day Cards

The sole "marketing" I do for Pic of the Day is producing little minicards (printed by Moo) with the subscription URL on the back.  I distribute these at conferences and other social gatherings, primarily as conversation starters, not really for marketing.  But those conversations definitely do have a positive impact on subscriptions.

There are currently two runs in circulation.

  1. October 2008: a quick-n-dirty first run of cards.  I actually designed one card, but the rest were manually selected based on matching the card form factor (a 2:5 ratio) from the top rated photos.  10 cards.
  2. March 2010: a more advanced second run.  The cards were all designed, and the photos were largely selected based on popularity considerations (i.e., they were selected by subscriber base itself).  10 cards.

Each run's detail page contains a full preview of the entire set, as well as information about the set.

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This site is intentionally not tagged with content ratings labels. Protecting children by building unmanaged walls does a disservice to both child and society. Yes, I have kids. Two of them.

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