Cards: March 2010 Run

The second run in March 2010 was a bit more complex in the way I picked the photos.  Three distinct methods were used:

  1. highest rated photo
  2. highest rated model
  3. most polarized rating (polarization = biggest outlier - average magnitude)

Both photos and models were considered yearly (from 2004 to 2010) and overall.  Yearly standings were computed five deep, and the overall standings were ten deep.  Polarization was done in aggregate across the entire subscriber base, and generated a list of just over 100 images.

From those lists, I first excluded everyone that had a card in the October 2008 run.  This ruled out Kyla Cole and Erica Campbell, both of which would have made the set based on their ratings, buth no one else would have been affected.

Next I pulled about 50 photos, grouped them based on the model and reason for selection (e.g., there were 14 distinct photos of Mona and 17 of Jade), and then choose representatives for each group.  Once that was done, I considered form factor to cull the set down to the 10 you see below.  In addition to the photos themselves, I've also included a bit about why each one was selected.

The photo to the left (of Victoria) has the overall top rating for all time.  Interestingly it hasn't been the in the top five for any single year, yet is still the overall favorite.  Nor has she been in the top five models for any year or overall.  And she has never had a highly polarized photo either.

To the right is Susana, who was the second favorite model in 2007, but hasn't seen another top model finish, and has no top photos.  Like Victoria, she has never had a highly polarized photo.

These two are the only non-polarizing models on the list.


To the left is Irina, who was the fourth favorite model in 2004 and the fifth favorite in 2006 and 2008, despite never having a photo in the top five for any year or overall.  So clearly a well liked model, but one that can't turn in a blockbuster photo.

To the right we have the very first model (Carmella) from the very first photo in the system. She's held her own, being the third favorite model in 2009 and the sixth favorite overall.  She also turned in the second favorite photo of 2007.  Hers is also the only card with a horizontal orientation (though it is shown vertically here).


Mona and Jade seem to be the undisputed princesses of Pic of the Day, with four of the top five photos overall between them (and six of the top ten), as well as being the top two models overall.

Mona was top model in 2009, third in 2010, and top overall.  She had the third favorite photo in 2009, and numbers two, four and seven overall.

Jade was second model in 2009, first in 2010, and second overall.  She had the first and fifth photo in 2009, the top three (!) photos in 2010, and numbers three, five, and eight overall.


Katie (left and right) is the queen of Pic of the Day. She split Mona and Jade in the 2010 standings and joins them in the top three overall.  Like Veronica, she has never landed a top image for any single year, but has two top tens overall (numbers 6 and 9).

Mona, Jade, and Katie swept the model podium as well as have eight of the top ten photos.  They pretty much dominate across the board.


The last two models hit the opposite end of the spectrum.  Both have never landed a top image or been a favorite model (in any year or overall).  However, both have generated exactly one highly polar photo, indicating that some people really like them and some people really don't.

I had originally intended to pull this entire run from the polarized list, but decided that that probably wasn't smart from a "widespread appeal" perspective.


I've also labelled each card with the model's name, which I didn't do on the first run.  My intent was originally to include statistical information as well as the name and photo, but with the small size of the cards and the need to leave a bleed, I couldn't make the layout work without seeming chunky.

Last but not least, Moo upgraded their offering in the year and a half since the October 2008 run to support a full-color image on the back of the card, rather than just supplying a few lines of text.  All cards still share a single common back, but at least now it can be designed a bit.  As such, this run has a much more attractive flip side, as well as four "bonus" headshots in the background.

The four photos used on the back were selected the same way as the ten photos above, but were ineligible for use on the front.  Katie and Jade (on the ends) were already represented by other photos, and Bridgette and Veronika (in the middle) didn't fit with the form factor of the cards.

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